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Live Free or Die

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At the U.S. Department of State, Matt Mowers saw first-hand how oppressive socialist regimes have eroded the freedoms of their own citizens, but also how strong and decisive American leadership can serve as a symbol of hope for those around the world. Now Matt sees America’s freedoms fading because of radical socialists in Washington – and he is running for Congress to fight back and protect those liberties for future generations of Granite Staters.

A new generation of conservative leadership

A Lifetime Fighting for Conservative Values

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As the Senior White House Advisor at the State Department, Matt advised the U.S. Secretary of State and was engaged on issues including North Korea, immigration reform, defeating ISIS, and ensuring religious freedom. Later he helped lead the $6 billion United States’ global HIV program (PEPFAR) which has saved over 15 million lives and led to 2.6 million babies being born HIV-free. In that role, he engaged world leaders, faith-based organizations, and the private sector to enhance outcomes, while working to secure unanimous, bi-partisan support in Congress to re-authorize this life-saving program. Matt also spearheaded efforts to bring humanitarian assistance to the people suffering under the socialist regime in Venezuela, a country he lived in briefly during his childhood.

Before serving in President Trump’s State Department, Mowers advised Republican leaders including as a senior official for the historic Trump-Pence Presidential campaign, and as Executive Director of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

An Eagle Scout raised in a middle-class home valuing hard work over handouts, Matt worked full time while earning his degree from Rutgers University.

Matt’s mom was a bartender and Dad was a construction worker, who worked as a diver on the construction of the Seabrook Power Plant. His father’s job took their family all over the country and the world.

Matt and his wife Cassie live in Bedford.

Putting New Hampshire FIrst

Matt is running for Congress to usher in a new generation of innovative conservative leadership, while taking on Nancy Pelosi and the socialist Democrats who want New Hampshire’s taxpayers to foot the bill for their radical agenda.

Matt knows that America can best lead the world when it takes care of the needs of its own citizens first. In Congress, he will prioritize building the wall to stop the influx of illegal drugs, lowering prescription drug costs, supporting small businesses by lowering taxes and reducing burdensome regulation, protecting the dignity of all lives including the unborn, passing new trade deals to help New Hampshire’s workers and economy, protecting our second amendment rights, and standing up for our veterans.