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The son of a bartender and a construction worker, Matt Mowers grew up in a middle-class family that knew what hard work and patriotism looked like. Matt was raised to honor our country, our flag and the veterans who fought to defend what it stands for. Matt’s grandfather Jack Ward served in World War II in General Patton’s army and today, Matt is raising his son Jack on the same values he grew up with.

Live Free or Die

A Lifetime Fighting for Our Values

Mowers Stars Image

As Matt and his wife Cassie raise Jack in Gilford, Matt hopes for a country in which his son can walk home safely from school, where he can speak his mind and debate issues freely in pursuit of truth, and where his education will give him opportunity.

Firing police, cancel culture, and government central planning are antithetical to a state founded on freedom. They fly in the face of the reason Jack Ward served his country. Re-affirming our values is why Matt Mowers is running for Congress.

Matt’s time at the highest levels of the U.S. State Department showed him the very best of America, and it showed him the resolve of its enemies that can only be confronted with strong American leadership.

As the Senior White House Advisor at the State Department in President Donald J. Trump’s Administration, Matt advised the U.S. Secretary of State and was engaged on issues including stemming the tide of illegal immigration, defeating ISIS, making America energy independent and ensuring religious freedom. Later, he helped lead the $6 billion United States’ global HIV/AIDS program (PEPFAR) which has saved over 15 million lives and led to 2.6 million babies being born HIV-free. In that role, he engaged world leaders, faith-based organizations and the private sector to enhance outcomes, while working to secure unanimous, bi-partisan support in Congress to re-authorize this life-saving program. Matt also spearheaded efforts to bring humanitarian assistance to the people suffering under the socialist regime in Venezuela, a country he lived in briefly during his childhood.

Matt lives in Gilford, with his wife Cassie and newborn son Jack.

The Failures of the Biden Administration

Less than a year in to having control of D.C. Joe Biden and Chris Pappas are sitting idly by, ceding power to giant technology companies, and cowering in fear of woke activists who want to defund our police and police our speech. They do nothing about the border, waste our tax dollars, and cower in fear of being cancelled by the radical left. Meanwhile, China waits on the horizon, crushing their enemies, controlling our supply chain, all while laughing in the face of a political establishment that claims to know everything while at the same time claiming ignorance of where COVID actually came from.

We need new leadership in Washington to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Matt Mowers believes that to do that, it starts by re-affirming our values.