Back the Blue

The women and men of our law enforcement community, and the people who depend on them deserve to know that we have their backs. They deserve to know that leaders in Washington care about their safety and security, too.


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Our law enforcement officers deserve to have a Representative in Congress who will fight for them, not join the radical left in their calls to defund them. Matt will work tirelessly to ensure that law enforcement has every resource they need to safely protect our communities.


Unfortunately, instead of standing up for our police, Congress prefers to use our police officers as political punching bags. Nancy Pelosi’s Congress and the radical left voted to strip police of critical protections — including qualified immunity, which protect law enforcement and their families from frivolous lawsuits by the criminals they arrest. Qualified immunity protects good police officers. In New Hampshire, bad actors are held accountable. That’s how our officers are trained and that’s what they believe in.


New Hampshire law enforcement is a model for the rest of the nation. They train correctly and believe in accountability. Officers across our state show up to work each day, through pandemics and blizzards, to protect our communities. They risk their life every time they put on our uniform. Matt will promote officers in the Granite State as a model for the rest of the country.

Safety in our communities is too important to let the politics of folks like Nancy Pelosi, Chris Pappas and Joe Biden get in the way. I hope our senators will oppose defunding the police and stripping away critical protections for them to do their jobs — and I hope that citizens will join me in speaking up on these issues.