College Affordability

Make College Affordable & Train the Workforce for the Future

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Too many students carry too much debt that limits their ability to get ahead. Matt believes colleges cost too much and are not equipped to train our next generation of leaders.

Cutting Bloated Budgets and Reducing Costs

Every Granite Stater should have the opportunity to go to college and receive the best education possible at the best price. However, college budgets have become bloated with unnecessary spending and those costs have been passed onto our students. Matt will hold colleges accountable for reckless spending that adds unnecessary costs to students.

Funding Successful Institutions

If an institution is receiving federal funding, they should be producing results. If students are not job-ready, the institutions are not doing their job. It’s time we hold these schools accountable and make sure that students are investing in a worthwhile education.

Providing Alternatives to Four-Year Schools

Not every student wants or needs to go to four-year universities. Across New Hampshire, we have great alternative options such as community colleges, vocational schools, and apprenticeships. Matt supports well-funded alternative options to four-year colleges. We must provide more affordable options and get students the education they need to be prepared for the workforce.