Constitution & 2nd Amendment

Whether it is supporting a socialist takeover of healthcare or voting for open borders, the radical Democrats in Washington are trampling over the rights of the American people.

Defend the Constitution & Fight Socialism

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Matt is a constitutional conservative who believes our rights need to be protected in Washington. He will defend our 2nd amendment rights and the rights of the unborn, and stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the Squad to protect our Constitution and stop socialism.

Right to Bear Arms

As an NRA-member, Matt will always defend Granite Staters’ 2nd Amendment Rights. The text of the 2nd amendment is simple – “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In Congress, Matt will make sure that right is secure.

Protecting the Unborn

The right to life is under attack from the radical left in Washington. Matt believes that every life is precious and worth protecting. Pro-abortion Democrats in Washington get more radical every day and want to use taxpayer dollars to fund partial-birth abortions in the United States and overseas.