COVID-19 & Pandemic Preparedness

During his time at the State Department, Matt personally worked to end global pandemics including our fight against HIV/AIDS. While COVID-19 has changed our lives, we can tackle the immediate challenge and prepare for the future.

Fighting Global Pandemics

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We must prepare for the next pandemic and hold China and the WHO accountable for the misinformation and cover-up of COVID-19.

Keeping us Healthy from COVID-19 and Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Matt supports increased access to rapid testing, building our stockpile of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, and funding additional pharmaceutical research in coordination with the private sector and to end America’s reliance on foreign drug production.

Leadership When it Matters – Calling Out China

Matt was the first candidate in the country to call for restrictions on travel from mainland China. President Trump enacted these restrictions and likely saved thousands of American lives by doing so. At the same time, Chris Pappas and the Democrats in Washington were wasting time on a pointless impeachment trial, when they could’ve been working to prepare our country for the virus. In times of crisis, we need real leadership in Congress.

Holding the WHO Accountable

While at the State Department, Mowers worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) on behalf of President Trump. In that role, he saw China buy unjust influence throughout the organization. When COVID-19 broke out in China, the WHO became a propaganda mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, covering up their role in spreading the virus worldwide and spreading misinformation that led to the loss of American lives. Matt supports withholding or greatly reducing funding for the World Health Organization until we rid the organization of China’s malign influence.