Economic Recovery

It will take leadership to bring our economy back after the pandemic. That means delivering relief for New Hampshire small businesses and working families. America needs to support small businesses and their employees in industries disproportionately affected by government-forced shutdowns, cut taxes for working families, and cut non-essential spending to get control of our budget deficit. Internationally, we must hold China accountable for its unfair trade practices and move critical manufacturing back to the United States.

Bring Our Economy Back

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We must help our economy recover and thrive by supporting small businesses, cutting taxes, reducing wasteful spending, and bring back critical manufacturing to the United States.

Make it in America – Make New Hampshire a Leader

Matt has called for Congress to incentivize manufacturers of vital materials like pharmaceutical ingredients, national security components, and agriculture to bring their production back to the United States. This will create jobs and protect America’s national security interests. New Hampshire, with its low tax climate, can be a leader in attracting many of these new manufacturers.

Working with the Private Sector & Supporting Small Businesses

Matt was one of the first candidates in the country to call for a taskforce made up of leaders from the private sector to start mapping out a plan for economic recovery. It is crucial to work with the private sector to find innovative solutions to bring our economy back to the same strength it had before the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes continuing to support small businesses disproportionately affected by the government shutdowns in response to COVID-19.

End Wasteful Spending, Lower Taxes, Allow Businesses and their Employees to Succeed

Matt knows that government spends too much of your tax dollars wastefully. Working in President Trump’s State Department, Matt found billions of dollars in excessive, unnecessary spending and proposed cutting it – but Congress spent more money anyway. By reducing spending, we can then make President Trump’s tax cuts permanent and allow New Hampshire’s economy to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.