Protecting New Hampshire’s Environment

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In New Hampshire, the environment and the outdoors are a vital part of our way of life and our state’s economy. Matt will work to ensure we protect our environment in responsible ways that don’t hurt Granite State Businesses.

The Green New Deal Isn’t the Solution

The Green New Deal would destroy the American economy, eliminate thousands of jobs, and cost trillions of dollars. We need to take a realistic approach in crafting solutions to protect the Granite State environment that are based on American ingenuity and innovation.

Holding China Accountable

As we work on protecting our environment domestically, we must hold global polluters accountable as well. China is the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, yet global plans like the Paris Agreement require very little change from them. We must hold polluters like China, and the companies that export their goods, to the same environmental standards as manufacturers in the United States.

Clean air and water

Matt is a strong supporter of ensuring that we have clean air and water. He will support cleanups of toxic chemicals such as PFAS and PFOA in New Hampshire’s communities and fight for policies that prevent future contamination.