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National Security

America needs a strong military, a secure border, and a better care system for our veterans at home.

National Security That Puts America First

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Matt’s time at the State Department showed him just how much time, resources, and money it takes to keep America safe. In Congress, Matt will work with President Trump to ensure our military and law enforcement communities are fully supported, build the wall to stop the flow of illegal drugs into our country, and make sure our troops have the equipment they need to defend freedom at home and abroad.

Keeping America Safe and Secure

Since day one, President Trump has put America and our military first. He has restored our strength around the world that was weakened under Barack Obama and worked tirelessly to make sure our military receives the support they deserve. Matt will always work to ensure that our military has the resources necessary to safely protect our country.

Caring for our Veterans and Law Enforcement

Our military veterans and law enforcement officers deserve to have the highest caliber health care that we can provide them, whether that is the VA or the hospital of their choice. The Government shouldn’t dictate where our brave heroes receive their treatment. Matt will prioritize reforming the VA system and ensure that New Hampshire veterans like his Uncle in Strafford County can get quality care close to home.

Build the Wall

Matt saw firsthand how dangerous drugs flow over the southern border during his time at the State Department. These illegal drugs flow unchecked into states like New Hampshire, where they have devastated our communities. Matt also saw the impressive results that have occurred with pieces of the wall that have been built so far. The wall works – and Matt will work with President Trump to ensure it is completed.