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Economic Recovery

It will take leadership to bring our economy back after the pandemic. That means delivering relief for New Hampshire small businesses and working families.

COVID-19 & Pandemic Preparedness

While COVID-19 has changed our lives, we can tackle the immediate challenge and prepare for the future.

National Security

America needs a strong military, a secure border, and a better care system for our veterans at home.

Constitution & 2nd Amendment

Matt is a constitutional conservative who believes our rights need to be protected in Washington.


A personalized approach that lowers costs, expands access, and improves delivery.

Term Limits

Matt has never run for public office before and believes serving in Congress shouldn’t be a career.


In the Granite State, the environment and the outdoors are a vital part of our way of life, and our state’s economy.

College Affordability

Colleges cost too much and are not equipped to train our next generation of leaders.