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Lower Taxes and Economic Growth

We need to unleash the American economy and get Government out of the way.

Protecting American Security

Joe Biden’s weak leadership is dangerous to Americans at home and abroad.

Constitution & Second Amendment

Matt is a constitutional conservative who believes our rights need to be protected in Washington.

Election Integrity

Matt saw firsthand working alongside President Trump in the trenches of his 2016 campaign, and as a candidate himself in 2020, the need for new laws to ...

Term Limits

Matt believes serving in Washington shouldn’t be a career for people like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.


A personalized approach that lowers costs, expands access, and improves delivery.

Back the Blue

Matt backs the blue. We need to support our law enforcement officers and stop the defund the police movement.

Supporting our Veterans

Our military veterans deserve to have the highest caliber health care that we can provide them.

End the Drug Crisis and Tackle Mental Health Challenges

The drug crisis and mental health challenges have touched nearly every Granite State family.