Kyle Daly & Joe Lorenzo: We support Mowers because Mowers supports us

MATT MOWERS’ unwavering support of our police has distinguished himself from the rest. That is why we, the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association and Manchester Association of Police Supervisors, are proud to endorse Matt Mowers for Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional district. Our associations — two of the largest law enforcement groups in New Hampshire — decided to make this historically early endorsement because Matt has always had our back no matter what.

In the summer of 2020, when police officers across the country were targeted with hateful and violent rhetoric by politicians, celebrities, and corporations, Matt Mowers stood with New Hampshire’s law enforcement community. While members of Congress were voting in favor of allowing criminals to sue first responders with frivolous lawsuits and calling to defund the police, Mowers stood shoulder to shoulder with us and was a fierce advocate for New Hampshire’s law enforcement community.

We are now seeing the results of the vile anti-police rhetoric being pushed by elected officials over the past few years. A violent crime wave is sweeping the country — especially in cities like Manchester — because criminals are emboldened by the soft-on-crime policies being pushed by career politicians in Washington, D.C.

We were extremely disappointed when our current congressman not only went back on his word but failed to give us a heads up when he voted in favor of legislation that would harm our officers. Now more than ever, we need a representative who is willing to communicate with us on a regular basis and be an advocate for safe communities, not just show up when it’s an election year. Getting our communities back on track and restoring trust in government starts with electing representatives who will hold true to their word.

Matt Mowers is constantly communicating with law enforcement officials across the state and is meeting with various departments and agencies to learn about the unique issues they face. Whether it be the opioid epidemic, human trafficking, local issues, or violent crime, Matt is willing to have the hard conversations before he speaks out about complex topics. We know he will be a great partner for us when he is our representative in Washington next year.

In Congress, Matt will ensure we have the resources and protections necessary to do our jobs, keep our communities safe, and return home safely to our families. As the father of an eight-month-old, Matt will do everything in his power to make sure our kids grow up in a world where they can walk home safely from school. Additionally, Matt will advocate for proper training techniques, more funding for our departments, and laws that will make our communities safer and our law enforcement stronger.

We support Matt Mowers because the New Hampshire law enforcement community knows that as they venture out each day into an increasingly dangerous and uncertain world, they will never have to doubt the support of their elected representative for one moment.