Manchester Police unions endorse Mowers

MANCHESTER, N.H. –On Thursday, 2020 New Hampshire First Congressional District Republican Nominee Matt Mowers announced that he has received the endorsement of the Manchester Association of Police Supervisors and Manchester Police Patrolmen’s Association.

Both groups endorsed Democrat Chris Pappas during his initial run for Congress in 2018, but both groupsendorsed Mowers in 2020.

“It’s an incredible honor, the fact that these folks are putting themselves on the line every single day for Manchester, I appreciate everything they do to keep our community safe and I appreciate having their support for my campaign,” said Mowers. “I look forward to working with them when I’m in Congress to make sure (police officers) have the tools and resources necessary to do their jobs every single day.”

The earliness of the endorsement comes in part due to the relationship between Mowers and the two unions, which combined represent the employees of the Manchester Police Department in collective bargaining negotiations with the City of Manchester. In contrast, the two unions waited until September to provide their endorsement during the previous campaign cycle.

Manchester Police Patrolmen’s Association President Kyle Daly said that Mowers was likely the only candidate his union would consider for endorsement if Mowers pursued another candidacy, declining to provide any comment on Pappas or any other potential candidates for the First District Congressional Seat.

“(Matt) has not backed down on his support at all since 2020. He has actually ramped up support for us and our members, and that’s just key with the current climate and everything else going on that he has never wavered in his support of law enforcement,” said Daly. “When we have communication with Matt, he doesn’t shy away about hard topics like qualified immunity and we believe he will continue to have our back when it comes to those hard conversations.”