Matt Mowers: Why I’m running again

IF I HAD TOLD YOU a few years ago that gas is $5 a gallon, families are struggling to feed their newborns, and our enemies do not fear us, you would probably guess that America is a Third World country. Well, that’s life in Joe Biden’s America.

When I ran for Congress two years ago, I fought to prevent the radical agenda of reckless spending and open borders that is ravaging our country today. From my work as the senior White House advisor to the State Department, I was also extremely concerned about looming supply chain issues and reliance on foreign adversaries, like China, for critical supplies.

We ran a closer-than-expected race during that difficult year, but it turned out that God had different plans for me: last year, my wife and I welcomed our son Jack.

Becoming a dad fills your heart with the most incredible joy — but also some of your greatest fears. I often look at this now not-so-tiny baby, full of innocence and wonder, and worry for the first time in our history that we are on track to leave this country worse than we found it for our children.

I refuse to let our sons and daughters grow up in a country that is anything less than the beacon of hope and prosperity it has been since its founding. In looking to earn your vote to be the 1st Congressional District’s voice in Congress this year, I am not only looking to use my experience to restore the America First agenda for the good of our country, but now I am also a dad on a mission to preserve the American values we cherish for our kids.

The growing pressures of sky-high grocery and energy bills, shortages for key supplies like baby formula, and a massive influx of illegal drugs across the southern border tell only one — albeit terrifying and painful — side of the story. These tragedies stem from recent policy failures so terrible and so predictable that they naturally followed career politicians like Joe Biden and Chris Pappas to Washington.

It won’t be easy, but a new Congress can start the critical work of holding the current administration accountable for these failures and making sure new inflationary spending programs like Build Back Better never see the light of day. Granite State families need immediate relief, and I will make fighting for it my number one priority.

What will be harder is reversing the left’s systemic attempt to undermine cultural norms that have kept our country safe and prosperous throughout time. Their vision for America includes denigrating the brave work of law enforcement, substituting the dignity of work with government checks and student loan forgiveness, valuing degrees over skills, teaching our children that America is a hateful place, and undermining the moral authority of parents. Years ago, standing strong against these destabilizing ideas wouldn’t have been considered a Republican or Democrat issue; it would have just been called having common sense.

We must make America energy independent with a comprehensive and common sense plan that will reduce gas prices. We must stop the inflationary spending and move critical manufacturing back to the United States so every family can afford their grocery bill and we can continue to make New Hampshire an economic leader for the country. And we must secure the border and support our law enforcement so that every family can sleep safely and soundly at night.

Every generation has its challenges. My Grandpa Jack, my son’s beloved namesake and a member of the Greatest Generation, when confronted with the specter of world domination by Nazi Germany, fought victoriously for our country. For my generation, whose innocence was shattered early by the 9/11 terrorist attacks and whose economic start would be derailed by the Great Recession, our story is not yet fully written. When I think about the pride in Grandpa Jack’s voice as he described forgoing the pass he was given for working on a farm so he could fight for his country, it strikes me that where one generation used the challenges of its day as a chance for American renewal, the left has taken recent hardship — including the COVID-19 pandemic — as an excuse to remake the country we love. For the sake of our children, I won’t sit by and let this happen.