Mowers endorsed by four state senators

GILFORD, N.H. – On Tuesday, 2022 Republican Congressional Candidate Matt Mowers was endorsed by State Senators Regina Birdsell (R-Hampstead), Harold French (R-Franklin), Bill Gannon (R-Sandown), and John Reagan (R-Deerfield).

“I strongly support Matt because, as a veteran, I am deeply troubled by the Biden Administration’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan that left fellow Americans behind and we now have 13 more gold star families, which has weakened our standing in the world,” said Birdsell. “I know that Matt will go to Washington and hold those responsible for this fiasco accountable and work to ensure that America’s adversaries are not further emboldened by the Administration’s complete dereliction of duty.”

“With a young son, Matt understands exactly what I worry about as a grandfather: the crises we are leaving to the next generation of Americans,” said French. “Under the current leadership of Joe Biden and Chris Pappas, we are on track to indebt our children with runaway spending and a values system that divides us. I know Matt will go to Washington to fight for a better future for us all.”

“I am proud to offer my support to Matt because he knows that we need to secure America’s borders to protect our communities here in New Hampshire,” said Gannon. “The heartless policies of Joe Biden and Chris Pappas have allowed criminals to bring violence and drugs to New Hampshire communities. With his experience from President Trump’s State Department, Matt will work to get this humanitarian crisis under control.”

“I am supporting Matt because I know that he will go to Washington to rein in the Democrats’ out-of- control, inflationary spending that is crushing New Hampshire families,” said Reagan. “We need to take away the blank check Chris Pappas has given to the White House to enact its dangerous policies fashioned in the failed ideas of socialism.”

Mowers was the 2020 GOP nominee in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, eventually losing to incumbent Chris Pappas.