Mowers Endorsed by Representative Juliet Harvey-Bolia

Matt Mowers, former State Department Official and 2020 Republican Nominee for Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, today accepted the endorsement of state Representative Juliet Harvey-Bolia of Tilton. Harvey-Bolia is the 26th State Representative to endorse Mowers for Congress.
Other notable endorsements for Mowers include former Governor Craig Benson, Sheriff Chris Connelly, Sheriff Bill Wright, the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association, the Manchester Association of Police Supervisors, five New Hampshire State Senators, 25 New Hampshire State Representatives, as well as numerous key county elected officials, business leaders, and Conservative activists. 
“I am proud to support Matt Mowers for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District because we need more people with Matt’s conservative values in Washington. He will reign in Biden’s reckless spending, fight to secure our constitutional rights, and always put New Hampshire first. As a new dad, Matt knows how important it is for our kids to grow up in a world where they can walk home safely from school and for parents to have a say in their child’s education. Please join me in supporting Matt Mowers for Congress this fall.” – State Representative Juliet Harvey-Bolia