Mowers: The fight for baby formula – on and off campaign trail

One of the most rewarding aspects of running for Congress is being able to travel across the district to meet with and hear the stories of Granite Staters from so many different walks of life. As anyone running for office will tell you, however, being on the road crisscrossing the district is especially hard on your family. This is particularly true when have an adventurous 10-month-old son at home.

Like many young families, we’ve been dealing with the record inflation and supply chain crisis the best we can, but there’s one problem that’s far more frightening than the rest: Over 40% of baby formula is out of stock in more than 11,000 stores across the country, and the problem is only going to get worse.

These days, I meet voters by day and hunt for formula by night. My resourceful wife will text me a few stores to try wherever I am, and we both hold our breath hoping just one will have inventory. If you’re lucky enough, a friend on Facebook might give you a heads up about a Market Basket getting a new shipment or that CVS still has 1-2 packages of your particular formula. There’s no worse feeling as a parent than realizing that you might not be able to provide your child with whatever they need. We’ve tried different brands of formula only to have him throw it right back up again. So, when I walk into the second, even third store of the night only to be greeted by rows of empty shelves, that pit in my stomach grows.

Stores like CVS and Walgreens are now limiting customers to three-item limits because of supply challenges. Families are purchasing formula from strangers in different states and prices are skyrocketing to $120 a can. Women, faced with massive grocery bills, are actually eating less to feed their kids. Yet, through it all, the Biden administration hasn’t done a thing to help families.

Their crusade against working families started the moment they took office, passing partisan legislation that paid people to stay home, provided a $350 billion bailout to blue states that mismanaged their money, and sent stimulus checks to prisoners. This legislation, and their anti-business policies, have made life more difficult for truck drivers, port workers, and other personnel who are essential to a functioning supply chain.

Even worse, Biden’s love affair with the Green New Deal has caused shipping prices to hit record highs. During the early days of his administration, Biden declared war on energy that is produced right here at home by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, suspending new drilling leases on federal lands, and proposing new taxes on energy companies. Now, gas prices are at a record and everyday Americans are footing the bill for Biden’s disastrous decision making.

Unfortunately, it appears that Biden and Democrats in Congress will deal with the baby formula shortage the same way as they have the rest of the crises caused by their incompetence: by waiting until it’s too late and passing legislation that will put a bandage over a bullet hole.

In November, we must elect leaders who will hold the Biden administration accountable — who will put American families first and push back against the radical left’s agenda that is putting America Last.

In November, I look forward to being a part of a new Congress that will fire Nancy Pelosi and stand up for the middle-class families like mine in New Hampshire.