NH Primary Source: In first digital ad of his 2022 campaign, Mowers blasts Biden, Democrats

Ad shows GOP 1st Congressional District candidate speaking to crowd during Sept. 8 launch event

NEW DIGITAL AD. Republican 1st Congressional District U.S. House candidate Matt Mowers has released his first digital ad of the 20-22 campaign.

The two-minute video was shot during Mowers’ launch of his campaign Sept. 8 at Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester. Mowers rails against President Joe Biden, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and more generally, Washington politicians.

“We have seen America weakened in ways beyond our imagination,” Mowers says in the ad.

“With Joe Biden in the White House and Nancy Pelosi’s Congress, we’ve had 10 months now, 10 whole months, of a bunch of politicians who don’t really care about us. They care about their political power.”

He says the result is “a humanitarian crisis on the Southern border, waving the white flag in Afghanistan, which has diminished our troops and really undermined our nation’s strength abroad.

“We’ve seen them spend trillions of dollars, our socialist spending spree that just increases at the rate of inflation and actually ties our nation’s economy closer to China. And what’s China doing, the Communist Party of China? They’re laughing in our face. They see right now the weakness. They see that we’re not going to hold them accountable for COVID-19. They see that they can get away with just about anything economically and militarily around the world.”

Then, paraphrasing former President Donald Trump, Mowers says: “The biggest problem we have right now is the politicians down there don’t understand what’s truly made America great. They say that they believe that America needs to fundamentally change. Well, I say the only thing that needs to fundamentally change are the politicians running America.”