Republican candidates for Congress in NH-01 slam $3.5 trillion reconciliation package

New Hampshire Republicans have taken aim at spending in Washington. Primary challengers in the 1st Congressional District are trying to stand out as they slam the proposed $3.5 trillion package.

Candidates like Tim Baxter are channeling conservative populist anger.

“Joe Biden is completely incompetent. He needs to resign, and we need a conservative fighter that’s going to fight back,” Baxter said.

Karoline Leavitt said if Republicans want to cut spending in Washington they need to win over young voters.

“We have an entire generation of young people right now who hate American and who are falling for the Democrats’ messaging and their buzzwords,” Leavitt said.

Gail Huff Brown, who is not yet a full-fledged candidate, said it is time to draw a line in the sand on spending.

“And that’s where I am with this $3.5 trillion, others call it a boondoggle, I would just call it a disaster,” Brown said.

Julian Acciard said he would cut spending and taxes.

“My economic plan, I cut the corporate tax rate to 15%. After five years, I cut it to 12% for any company relocating operations back state-side in an economically distressed area,” he said.

The 2020 Republican nominee in the 1st district, Matt Mowers, is now a first-time father and wants another shot at Washington.

“When I look at our little Jack, I think about the price tag that’s being passed along to his generation now, to pay back,” Mowers said.

In an already good-sized field in the 1st Congressional District, more candidates will likely be jumping in during the weeks ahead.

“I suspect that field will only grow when the redistricting maps are done, and people will see what the district they’ll be running in will look like,” said Greg Moore from Americans for Prosperity.